Big Bear Horro-Fi Red Carpet Walk

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Michelle Gardner, David Schneider and Karl Herlinger on the red carpet.

So we headed out to Hollywood tonight to meet up with the fine folks from the Big Bear Horro-Fi Film Festival for a walk down their red carpet at St. Felix.  We took some pictures.  We had some drinks.  We mingled amongst the black clad and pierced.  A typical night at the Big Bear horror fest.



We’ve launched!

Show Me – Victor & Joey – an unnatural connection on Flickr.

Alas, we’re finally launching our various sites and pages! Welcome to the Tumblr blog for our short film SHOW ME. It has been a labor of love getting this film done – and we’re almost there! Now comes the daunting task of getting it out for everyone to see. Take a look around our various sites. Much more will be added over the next few days.