David Schneider

David Schneider


David Schneider made the cross-country trek to Los Angeles immediately following his years at Emerson college in Boston.  He’s been in the film industry ever since, writing and directing a wide variety of projects, from feature films to music videos to commercials and children’s animation.

Although David has recently garnered a following in the horror world with his work with the horror collective Fewdio (with who he has written and/or directed over 30 short films), he began in comedy.  After selling a few small comedy spec screenplays, he was hired to write children’s cartoons for DIC Entertainment (a division of Disney).  From there, he polished his directing chops creating music videos for a variety of artists, and then wrote and directed the award-winning short film “Hate* (*a comedy)”, which played film festivals world-wide and was purchased by HBO/Cinemax.

The success of that short led to his feature film directorial debut, “Stark Raving Mad”, a heist-thriller-comedy, starring Seann William Scott, Dave Foley, and Adam Arkin.

In addition, he has sold feature film scripts to Touchstone, Jerry Bruckheimer, and A & E.

His work with the horror film collective Fewdio re-ignited his old love for horror films, and he has garnered a large following for his work, with his Fewdio shorts playing festivals world-wide and garnering millions of views online.