George Earth

George Earth


George Earth is an American musician, guitarist, songwriter, composer, music producer, comic book artist, and talk show host from Paterson, New Jersey.

He is perhaps best known as the lead guitarist for both World Entertainment War and Switchblade Symphony, later touring and recording with Angel Corpus Christi, Stolen Babies, and other bands before forming Los Angeles-based Small Halo in 2008. He publishes a semi-regular comic book series and hosts a regular talk show, The Talk Show, in which he also leads The Talk Show Band.

After composing for the online animation giant “Mondo Media” in 2001, George got the film scoring bug. In 2003, George left his longtime home of San Francisco to pursue film composing in Los Angeles. Since the move, he has composed music for the Hubert Selby documentary “It’ll Get Better Tomorrow”, the cable show “Echo Park TV”, the foam cutout animation series based on his own “Cheap Comix”, his variety show “The Talk Show”, an animated pilot for Cartoon Network, “Ninja Sheep”, and for the last year has been composing cues for a custom music library, Boomerang/Atomicmixlab, that serves major film trailers as well as HBO/AMC/FOX (look/listen for tracks coming out in 2012).

George met the “Show Me” family when he composed the score for the Fewdio horror short “Firsts”, and is excited to work again with director David Schneider and his Fewdio cohorts Michelle Gardner and Todd Sharp, as well as the puppet king himself, Karl Herlinger (who also appears in George’s score playing ukelele).

George lives in Echo Park with three females (his human wife, his cat, and his dog).